Mental Health and the Internet

The month of may is highlighted with Mental Health awareness a timmmme to talk and share about mental Health Issues. HER Internet ran a campaign on mental health were we shared the effects of over using the internet and how it impacts on our mental health. Many people with access to the Internet do so on a daily basis, and the Internet has become a well-integrated part of our lives. This has led to changes in how we live our lives, how we construct and maintain social relations and self-identities, seek information, and enjoy entertainment. The Internet itself is not the main cause of poor mental health but the way we use it can negatively impact us through a number of ways such as: causing anxiety and depression; some negative impact on physical health including strained eyes, back pain or change in sleep patterns; low self-esteem and in extreme cases, Internet addiction disorder. Taking care of our mental health is always important and we have all faced strange, unprecedented times with the COVID19 pandemic. With increased use of the internet – especially social media, there is often little escape from reality. It can feel impossible to “unplug” and take a break from the online world.