Together with Data4Change, Internews organized a 3-day virtual interactive Strategic Communications Workshop Series for Greater Internet Freedom (GIF) partners to share knowledge, gain new skills and build on existing strengths in advancing internet freedoms across the globe from 23 January to 25 January 2023. The Greater Internet Freedom (GIF) Consortium is an initiative that was organized by Internews in 2020 for the protection and preservation of digital rights and safety of the civil society, journalists, human rights defenders, activists and structurally marginalized communities which rely on an open and accessible internet to fight and realize fundamental freedoms.

Some of the participants including our Notifier at HER Internet, Diana Karungi who took part in the Strategic Communications Workshop Series for GIF consortium partners.

30 internet freedom activists participated in this event through practical group and individual activities under three different themes;

“Connecting the Dots: Assessing your needs to communicate with Impact and the learning objectives” which looked at assessment of communication needs, fundamentals of strategic communications and experience sharing lessons and best practices.

“Bracing for Impact: How to Craft Compelling Stories From Your Numbers and the learning objectives” which indulged participants on how to find data to tell their stories more effectively, unearthing the story behind the numbers ways to communicate numbers effectively to make an impact.

“Social Savvy: Tailoring Your Approach to Your Audience and the learning objectives” which accentuated the significance of primary and secondary audience, identifying the most effective channels for communication using both online and offline platforms and development of social and platform targeted content.

The overwhelming positive feedback from this training signified that the goal set for this workshop was achieved, which was to strengthen the participants’ confidence in identifying and focusing on strategic communication goals, mapping out audiences, understanding how to adapt communication to respective needs and motivations of their audiences and using data to strengthen messaging frameworks and narratives.