The cases of Non- consensual Circulation of Intimate Imagery (NCII) have increased alarmingly across various mass media and social media platforms in Uganda especially in the recent few months. This problem has been escalated by unawareness and adamance of the general public and law enforcement to recognize that forms of online abuse generate real life impacts that result into unfortunate consequences especially in the long term.

Furthermore, the lack of gender responsive provisions even within the current cyber legislation has reinforced the re-victimization of OGBV victims and survivors specifically womxn and girls who are considered offenders under the Anti- Pornography Act 2014 for the creation and distribution of pornographic content. And, that’s why several cases constantly go unreported without even trying to seek for redress.

It is due to the above-mentioned facts that we dedicated time during this last month of March in observance of Women’s Month to conduct an awareness advocacy drive through our social media platforms in an endeavor to unmask the facts, forms and share suggestions on how the vice of Non-consensual Circulation of Intimate Images (NCII) can be tackled.