Cyber laws' dialogue in Western region, Kasese.


HER Internet hosted regional sensitization dialogues on the existence and implementation of Cyber Laws in three different parts across the country; Eastern Uganda in Malaba, Western Uganda in Kasese and Northern Uganda in Gulu on 26 July, 8 August and 22 August 2022 respectively with support from UHAI- EASHRI and the Fund for Global Human Rights under the Legal Empowerment Fund (LEF).

The dialogues were organized in an endeavor to impart systemically marginalized womxn with knowledge on the existing cyber laws enshrined in Uganda’s constitution, how they operate, their implications and recommendations following brainstorm sessions on the manifestations of online violence in addition to the challenges and impacts of internet usage based on their various contexts.

Highlighting the fact that the spiraling cases of gender-based violence today are birthed online and raising concerns for digital safety, our Executive Director at HER Internet, Sandra Kwikiriza emphasized that there is a need to upgrade the current traditional cyber laws to match this digital era and thus, ensure that all forms of online violence against womxn are alleviated. For information on these pieces of legislation, how they can be used to mitigate risks of online violence and seek for redress in courts of law, please click,

Participants in Gulu, Northern Uganda talk about their experiences with online violence and how it transcends into their daily lives.